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How does a campus life flow off?

Location of studies and the study surroundings play a big role in the life of the students. Many students prefer to study away from their home community in order to learn to take their own responsibility and to be able to manage their life. The campus thus becomes the nucleus of a new social life.

Every FESE campus offers connection to a scientific library. It should be reachable by public transportation, have a mensa and/or room service, a financing service and be connected with sportive activities.
So, for instance, in Germany Golf or Aircraft Flying can be learnt.
In Germany there are institutions offering

A foreign languages
B interdisciplinary studies and
C individual personality development

The studies aside from the study preparations at home (homework, lectures, term papers, etc.) require active and eager contribution in the seminars, as well as the regular attendance of the lectures. As the examination preparation has to be taken into account it is recommended. That a student take no more than tree courses per semester.

The semesters (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer 1, Summer 2) last 8-10 weeks.
In order to be able to conduct the studies regularly the semester breaks are relatively short. Refreshers can be offered during the semester breaks.

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